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accent pillow case baby burlap baby decoration Picking the Best Organic Kid’s Mattress accent pillow case baby
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Choosing a mattress for your child is an entirely different ball game than buying one for yourself. Not only will your child’s mattress support their growth in size and weight, but it will also be the mainstay of naps, story-time, and sleepovers.

Rather than thinking of your child’s mattress as just another item to purchase, consider it as an investment. Essentially, buying the right mattress is an investment in your child’s long-term well-being, which is why you should always choose organic.

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Moreover, while sleeping on an organic mattress is important for the whole familyaccent pillow case baby burlap baby decoration, it’s even more important when you’re dealing with growing bodies and developing brains. Many researchers suspect that toxic chemicals play a significant role in the dramatic increase in childhood disorders, and though many of these chemicals have been banned from baby mattresses, they’ve been replaced by other chemicals, which may be just as dangerous.

Fortunately, Naturepedic’s line of organic kids mattresses offer cozy, comfortable support for your little one made from top-quality, natural materials—without the danger of any harmful chemicals.

With organic cotton fabric that’s luxuriously quilted and waterproof, Naturepedic’s mattresses ensure your child gets the best and healthiest night’s sleep every night.

Want to learn more about our line? Let’s take a look at Naturepedic’s organic kids mattresses:

Naturepedic’s Organic Cotton Quilted Deluxe is available as a one-sided (non-flippable) or two-sided (flippable) design. The one-sided design uses less raw material and is therefore a lower price. The two-sided model has a quilted sleep surface on both sides. Both designs are built to last and backed by a 10-year warranty.

This Quilted Deluxe Mattress is made with luxuriously quilted organic cotton fabric for a more mature mattress feel. It is certified organic and is designed without common allergens, glues, adhesives, flame-retardant chemicals, or other questionable materials. The Quilted Deluxe Mattress is ideal for older toddlers who are already potty trained, but the firm support makes it a great option for younger toddlers as well.

The Verse Organic Mattress features firm but comfortable support, making it a great choice for older kids and even teens. The mattress’ organic cotton filling provides additional cushioning over premium encased coils for a comfortable design that promotes airflow to reduce overheating. The quilted surface features wool batting, which provides superior temperature regulation.

The Verse is certified organic and designed without common allergens, glues, adhesives, flame-retardant chemicals, or other questionable materials. With its comfortable and supportive design, your big kid will be off to dreamland in no time at all!

If your child is still potty training or having occasional accidents, Naturepedic’s 2 in 1 Organic Cotton Ultra is the perfect mattress. This highly-versatile mattress combines a waterproof and quilted side so that your child can grow with the mattress. The waterproof side is perfect for transitioning your child from crib to mattress while potty training, and it functions as a dust-mite barrier. When your child gets older, flip the mattress over to the quilted side for a more comfortable feel.

Like the other two kids mattresses, the 2 in 1 Organic Ultra Quilted Mattress is certified organic and designed without common allergens, glues, adhesives, flame-retardant chemicals, or other questionable materials.


While you can’t go wrong with any of Naturepedic’s organic kids mattresses, finding the one that’s the best fit for your child will encourage healthy growth as they drift off to dreamland each night.

If you have more questions about which mattress would be best for your little one, our customer service team would love to talk to you! You can contact them at 1-800-917-3342.

Ready to shop? Check out our certified organic kids mattresses!

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