customized gift for Easter
customized gift for Easter
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nursery pillows How to Recover Patio Cushions pillow covers floral
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If your patio cushions are looking a little worn and faded, it may be time to recover them. Instead of running out to buy new covers or cushionsnursery pillows, consider recovering your existing cushions with new fabric. While you can always sew a new cover, there are other ways to give your cushions a fresh, new look without sewing a single stitch. You can even leave the old covers on the cushions to protect the foam inside and give it extra structure.

What we are doing today is to play with some mark making. I find that with making a quilt top I am often daunted by the actual quilting part. Once I have made something that I am super-excited about with all my favorite fabrics I get worried about the stitching… maybe I’ll do something I won’t like.

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We will be back with another fun giveaway later today but in the meantime, here is a fun and easy granny square stocking. My dad had a few of these in his place when I was growing up, probably made? by his mom back in the 60’s based on color selection. I marveled at how they were made even when I was little, I was even a craft loving tot.

Sometimes the best things in life are simple. The girls teach me that every day. What I often take for granted, looks much more glorious in their eyes. A 5 minute brownie becomes more special with a simple twist. Just 1 extra minute for 2 extra smiles, actually, 3. I can’t help but gleam when seeing their little eyes light up. Last week, I made an ordinary batch of brownies extraordinary by simply using a cookie cutter to cut them into heart shapes. They made a great after school treat, but may make another appearance at Valentine’s Day for their friends with the classic phrase, “You’re a sweet heart.” This little twist is easy to achieve.There are a few keys to this adaptation:use a 9×13″ baking pan – it provides just the right thicknessgrease your pan welluse a cookie spatula to carefully remove your browniesdust with powdered sugar or cocoa to hide any imperfections & of course, add to the flavor! I’m always in for a little extra sugar when it comes to treats!The result – thick, chewy & pretty little Valentine’s Day treats.