customized gift for Easter
customized gift for Easter
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Fabric is a great resource, even if it’s a worn-out towel. Old towels have plenty of life left in them, so put them to good use to avoid waste. You could turn old towels into things to use around your housenursery pillows, including mats and clothing. If you don’t need to save the cloth for yourself, cut it up and use for craft projects or for pets. Even if you have to cut away frayed ends, you can get more value out of a repurposed towel than you ever would have expected.

When you ask Susan Khalje, one of the master teachers of haute couture sewing methods in the U.S., what exactly “haute couture” sewing means, she relates it to gourmet cooking.

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This is a super easy way to make a finished looking blanket or throw similar to this.? You can really customize your color scheme for any decor and is also a great way to make blankets for new babies for a personal touch and kids have a lot of fun picking out their own blanket and binding colors to express their personal style!? As for me, I just found this super soft mustache fabric and bought all that was left on the bolt to make this blanket!

Incorporating farmhouse decor doesn’t mean you have to live out on the farm. Whether you’re in a suburban development or a high rise in the city, these tips will help you find your modern farmhouse style, no matter where you call home.