customized gift for Easter
customized gift for Easter
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“The external world is a canvas where you paint with colours of your soul”, your home is your external world and you should paint it with the colours of your choice. Your home should reflect your taste, your personality. It’s your canvas and paints it the way you want. A colourful home dé;cor is trending big, this season, then why hesitate in bringing different colours to play? Love colours, but scared to infuse them in home dé;cor, then below are some useful tips that will come handy in making your home brightnursery pillows, meaningful and sober.

1. Colourful Wall Shelves, Subtle Dé;cor Pieces: If you want to add some colours in your room, but in a subtle manner, then try adding floating wall shelves. Wall mounted, they come in an array of colours and finishing and can be a perfect way of adding vibrancy to any space. You can add more than one colour, but try to restrict to one or two colour combination. Put soft dé;cor pieces on these colourful shelves to strike the right balance.

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2. Drape Bright Curtains, Keep Wall Paint Light: When it comes to colourizing your home dé;cor, you need to follow a balanced approach. Don’t be overwhelmed to add to many bright window colours otherwise, space will look way too vivid. So, go for a fine blend of bright and neutral colours to make space look striking and refined. To achieve such a balance, opt for colourful window curtains with subtle wall hue. If you paint the wall, bright and you don’t like it, then getting it repainted will be a task and expensive too. Rather, go for colourful curtains, which are easily replaceable and can help you achieve the look you want.

3. Cheerful Blinds, Light Curtains &; Wall: Another easy yet wonderful way of brightening up your home dé;cor is by adding roller blinds in lively colours and blending them with alight colour, patterned curtains. You can keep the curtains drawn open to showcase the lively blinds. At other times, you can enjoy the beautiful play of colours from the light curtains. Moreover, when you go for colourful blinds, ensure the wall paint is light otherwise the dé;cor will look disproportionate and too heavy.

4. Soft Bedding, Happy Cushioning: If you plan to bring colours to play in your bedroom too, then go for a soft colour bedding set and add a layer of bright cushion to make the space happy and perky. It is an easy way of blending and making the room to suit your preference and taste. A bright cushion will work as a colour pop and furnish your bedroom to perfection.

The above-mentioned tips are easy and subtle ways of making your space bright and beautiful. It doesn’t call for a major investment on your part and still makes the place as per the seasoning requirement. If you are looking for such glossy, decorative wall shelves, subtle hue bedding sets and colourful cushions and curtains, then check the Deco Window collection, here. Versatile and stunning, they are sure to work as a statement piece in your home and will blend well with a contemporary and traditional home dé;cor.

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