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customized gift for Easter
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nursery pillows Make your own Halloween t-shirts customized baby gifts
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It’s a tradition for us each year to get the kids Halloween t-shirts. As the kids have gotten older, it has been harder to find t-shirts for them ?(hint hint retailers of the world!!). Most Halloween t’s are for little kids, but my big kids still enjoy wearing them. ?They can’t dress up at school in their costumes so the t-shirts are the next best thing.

When I saw the new Spooky line from Rhonna Designs I knew immediately that I wanted to make some freezer paper stencil t-shirts using the designs.

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To do thisnursery pillows, first I loaded the. png files into my Silhouette software. I then turned the files into cut files.

I cut the files out on freezer paper with the shiny side up. ?Since the shiny side was up I had to make sure that my designs were reversed.

After I cut out the files I used fabric ink to freezer paper stencil – , I?posted this step by step tutorial?about it a couple of years ago if you don’t know what I’m talking about. The only change I made was on the Be Witched shirt I first used the black fabric paint then after that dried I sprayed it with black fabric glitter paint. ?Which TOTALLY worked, I was pleasantly surprised with the results of the glitter paint.

I have the Silhouette SD not the Cameo and the files cut great on the freezer paper.

Then I got to work embellishing the t-shirts.

Here’s a breakdown shirt by shirt:

For the Be Witched shirt-

To embellish:

I used fabric glue and red glitter to glitter the apple. Just put the glue over the apple then sprinkle on the glitter and let it dry.

I sewed a scrap of tulle onto her skirt and a couple of rhinestone buttons to her waist.

I used heat set rhinestones to add a bit more bling!

For the Monster Mash t-shirt:

-Image is from the?InstaSpooky Kit?from Rhonna Designs

-I added small googly eyes with fabric glue to a few of the monsters. Just a note… I have no idea how permanent these are so I would not glue monster eyes onto a t-shirt if it’s for a child young enough that you need to worry about choking hazards.

Now I could not make shirts for my kids and not one for me too! ?I figured the “The Witch is In” saying might be a bit too perfect for me *wink*

The image is from the?InstaSpooky kit

To bling it up a bit I added more heat set rhinestones. ?I used a 2 different colors and sizes to give a little variety to the shirt.

Can’t wait to wear it. *wink*

I’ve got a few more t shirts planned… ?I love the freezer paper method, it’s so easy and a good cheap way to get some cute t-shirts.

What we are doing today is to play with some mark making. I find that with making a quilt top I am often daunted by the actual quilting part. Once I have made something that I am super-excited about with all my favorite fabrics I get worried about the stitching… maybe I’ll do something I won’t like.

We will be back with another fun giveaway later today but in the meantime, here is a fun and easy granny square stocking. My dad had a few of these in his place when I was growing up, probably made? by his mom back in the 60’s based on color selection. I marveled at how they were made even when I was little, I was even a craft loving tot.

Sometimes the best things in life are simple. The girls teach me that every day. What I often take for granted, looks much more glorious in their eyes. A 5 minute brownie becomes more special with a simple twist. Just 1 extra minute for 2 extra smiles, actually, 3. I can’t help but gleam when seeing their little eyes light up. Last week, I made an ordinary batch of brownies extraordinary by simply using a cookie cutter to cut them into heart shapes. They made a great after school treat, but may make another appearance at Valentine’s Day for their friends with the classic phrase, “You’re a sweet heart.” This little twist is easy to achieve.There are a few keys to this adaptation:use a 9×13″ baking pan – it provides just the right thicknessgrease your pan welluse a cookie spatula to carefully remove your browniesdust with powdered sugar or cocoa to hide any imperfections & of course, add to the flavor! I’m always in for a little extra sugar when it comes to treats!The result – thick, chewy & pretty little Valentine’s Day treats.