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customized gift for Easter
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With the festive season just about done and dusted for another year reviews of 2009 abound! So what where the interior design rends in 2009?

With news today that Boxing Day 'sales' saw an increase in consumer spending at an all time high it is apparent that people are tightening their belts in an attempt to make their money go further. Although we are becoming used to the January sales now beginning on Boxing Day the number of retailers having online sales has also increased which enables people to have more for less without having to fight their way through the crowds!

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We saw new words emerging, such as 'up-cycling' and 'colour clashing'. The revival of Arts and Crafts and items with a 'home made' look have been used in all styles of homes, as many people simply did not have the spending power they had been accustomed to. Eclectic mixes of brand new sitting comfortably next to antiques also became acceptable as a chic and very trendy way to introduce new looks on a restricted budget.

Interior design colours were either entirely white or used colour clashes of purple and orange. Whilst mustard yellow teamed with graphite greys were also introduced into people's modern and contemporary living spaces.

One of the biggest interior design trends in 2009 was 'no clutter'nursery pillows, this trend is predicted to remain foremost in 2010 as it is such an effective and easy way to achieve a totally new look with minimum spending.

Double layering of curtains and blinds are also predicted to remain in-vogue as this style of window dressing is both economical and viable for living spaces, irrespective of the décor or style of any room within people's homes.

The focus on 'going green' with innovative ways of saving on fuel, such as double layering and using fully lined curtains to reduce heat loss via windows. Reducing people's carbon footprint saw the increase of people looking for bargain buys online, of course the 'sales' have historically been the time of year when people grab a bargain for designer goods, such as Laurence Llewellyn Bowen bedding without having to pay the designer price tag, this year the number of people shopping online continues to see an upward trend.

These are just a few of the interior design trends we saw in 2009, with many expected to remain in-vogue into 2010!

2010 is predicted to be as exciting as this year in the world of interior design with new colours, styles and trends to excite the senses as well as making people's home chic and very stylish!

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