customized gift for Easter
customized gift for Easter
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We’re all guilty of keeping clutter because we just can’t bear to get rid of it. The reasons for this are usually because they’re too pretty to part with or that they ‘might come in handy one day’. Well, there’s no time like the present to re-usenursery pillows,?re-purpose?and re-energise the objects?you've?kept so well hidden away, so to give you a few ideas,?we've?found some creative ways you can salvage and recycle to create inspired additions to your interior.

Framing old magazines is such an easy way of making a beautiful fashion inspired wall display

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Happy Earth Day! Launched in the United States in 1970 — and now celebrated every April 22nd in nearly 200 countries — Earth Day promotes environmental awareness, global protection, and eco-friendly living.

Today I thought I’d share with you this simple but clever clothing refashion that we did for Halloween 2 years ago. ?My girls and I decided that we wanted to dress as Witches for Halloween, I had a great time making myself a very dramatic witches cape and my younger daughter loved picking out the fun fabric for her costume. ?My oldest daughter was a bit more difficult and opinionated (waaaa an opinionated teenager????)…. She didn’t want to go with a traditional witches costume and came up with the idea instead for this “glam witch”.

Our rings are tucked safely and tied securely inside this book!