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customized gift for Easter
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The choice between shower curtains and a glass shower door or enclosure can often be a daunting one, with many considerations to sort through. Everyone has their own opinion about who wins the battle between shower doors and shower curtains, but here’s a look at what might make one better than the other for your situation.

Benefits of Shower Curtains

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FlexibleWant to hide a dirty bathtub when guests come over? Then close the shower curtain. Or, do you want to show off custom tiles and gleaming porcelain? Then throw the curtain wide open! Tiebacks offer a traditional look that frames your tub or shower like a window.

Appearance The bathroom is a place of many hard surfaces. If you replace your shower door with a shower curtainnursery pillows, you add some much-needed softness to a space that could otherwise appear harsh and sterile.

Privacy If it’s likely you’ll be sharing the bathroom with someone who isn’t your significant other, you may require the privacy of a shower stall with an opaque shower curtain instead of a see-through glass door.

Accessibility For families bathing children, pets and elderly relatives, shower curtains are good options because they can easily be moved to one side to give full access to the bathtub or shower area.

Easy to washWhen the first signs of staining or mildew appear, simply strip the curtain down and throw it in the wash. Make sure you choose a machine washable material for this very purpose.

CustomizationShower curtains come in all colors and prints to help you personalize the space with your signature flair. Best of all, when you get tired of the look, you can swap out the shower curtain for a new one.

Initial cost The initial cost of a shower curtain can be as low as Rs 500 with an inexpensive tension rod, liner and outer curtain.

TextureIf your bathroom has lots of flat, hard surfaces, a fabric shower curtain can help add some texture and warmth to the space. A frilly or textured fabric curtain can soften a bathroom that looks too sterile or harsh.

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